Modular polypropylene surface is a great solution for tennis courts - it provides cushioning and sliding reflection as well as ball reflection (it is a fast surface). At the same time, you can do the minimum, almost to zero, reduce the cost of using the court. An additional advantage is that it is quick and almost independent of weather conditions, the installation allows you to use the court in a few weeks, or renovation in a few days.

Our company deals in the construction, renovation and maintenance of tennis courts. We've partially built dozens of courts for people who are as well as public sectors. The construction of tennis courts is carried out using the best Courty sports surface. This type of surface has very good strength, optimal application and dynamics. Installation of tennis courts with the use of Courty allows using the set in less than a few weeks.

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The cost of building a tennis court depends on many factors, mainly on the type of surface used, the size of the object, and the time and type of work to be done in preparing the area for the construction of the court. The price of building a tennis court is largely related to the costs of the materials used as well as the costs of implementing the construction and labor project. We invite you to contact us and a preliminary consultation at which we can prepare a preliminary cost estimate for the construction of a tennis court. We know that the construction of tennis courts is a serious investment, which is why we offer you help and professional advice in the selection of tennis materials and accessories.

We remain at your disposal to best adapt the project to the spatial and functional conditions. For more information, please contact our sales department.

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Advantages of COURTY ™ polypropylene surface


COURTY™ is durable, has higher resistance to mechanical damage compared to artificial grass or polyurethane.
Maintenance free

It does not require spending additional time and budget to maintain it in very good condition. Just like that.
Cost saving

Due to the speed of assembly and disassembly, the costs of these operations are significantly lower than when other surfaces are used.
Safe for joints and spine

The COURTY ™ sports surface provides great conditions for playing sports - it provides very good cushioning, receives forces loading joints and the skeletal system when jumping or braking.
Wide range of colours

Our surface looks aesthetically pleasing, and thanks to the choice of colours we can create a pitch tailored to the needs and preferences of users - in dynamic or calm colours.

Everyone can use the COURTY ™ surface, which is why it is the most frequently chosen type of surface for public, housing estate or hotel playgrounds.

With wide application to various sports. Best for multi-purpose sports fields where you can combine practicing different disciplines in one place.

Easy to disassemble and for quick transfer to another place, packed in pallets.